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"One child at a time, our vision for a different world free from poverty and with thriving self sustaining communities"

Contact us for more information... info@aid4orphans.com

We always have children who are urgently in need of a sponsor. £14 a month. Do you know someone who could help?

No deductions are made from the child sponsors' payments for administration. We have a Charity Bank account in Kenya from which we make all the payments online. 

100% of all sponsorship donations are used for the care of children.

Primary School sponsorship is £14 a month. 
Day Secondary School sponsorship is £20 a month 

 Boarding school is £30 a month plus £100 for essential start up kit and £120 a year transport, supplies and pocket money.  Due to the cost we sometimes have 3 sponsors per child at Boarding school.

Our sponsorship scheme links you directly with a particular child so you can see the difference you make for yourself.

For just £14 a month, you can see how your kind donations can really make a difference, through the letters you will receive from the child and those living and working in the Likoni area where your sponsored child lives. You will hear about the child's progress as well as learning about the wider community they are part of through our newsletters and updates and photos.

Our sponsorship scheme pays for a child to attend school full time, for all uniform requirements , school shoes and exam fees.
We always have children awaiting a sponsor. Please let us know if you would like further details.