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Bongwe Primary School is linked to the Carland Cluster group of schools.

Bongwe is a large state school and has 850 pupils aged 4-14. Most classes have 70-80 children and we have even witnessed classes of up to 120 children with one teacher. We really
 enjoy our visits to this school and are always made to feel extremely welcome by the children and staff. Two of their teachers, Thomas and Matuku, came to England in 2010 thanks to 
a grant from The British Council, and spent time visiting local schools and interacting with the children and staff. 


Bongwe Primary School is linked to the Carland Cluster group of schools.


The Bongwe School has greatly benefited from support from the Carland Cluster group of primary schools: 

Cubert, Indian Queens, Summercourt, St Erme with Trispen, Mawgan-in-Pydar, Perranporth and  St Newlyn East   Primary Schools  are linked with Bongwe and have supported the school through ongoing fundraising since 2008.

Shortlanesend School and Whitemoor Acadmey have also developed a strong  link with Bongwe 

These links are not just about fund raising but more about teaching our own children about diversity, for them to understand the global context of their local lives and develop skills that will enable them to combat injustice, prejudice and discrimination. 

And to realise they can and do make a difference.

Carland Cluster partner schools have funded the building of The ‘Carland Block’ which has provided an extra classroom, girls health room, computer room and staff room. We are funding a very successful and worthwhile Girls Health Program at this school.  

​“The ultimate expression of generosity is not in giving of what you have, but in giving of who you are.”​


We appreciate all of their hardwork and generosity in helping us to support these amazing children.

These children are urgently in need of a sponsor. £14 a month. Do you know someone who could help?

Carland schools have also helped to pay for:-

  • two extra teachers, 
  • classroom floors, ​ 
  • desks, 
  • toilet roof, 
  • gable ends for classrooms,
  • renovated blackboards, 
  • provided computers,
  • teacher ICT training, 
  • staff room,
  • assisted with Nursery porridge costs, 
  • furniture and exam fees for Standard Eight. 

Ways You Can Help...

These Children ​need your help, give as much as you can afford? Everything is appreciated.